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Сanal treatment (Endodontic treatment)

Having a dental microscope gives a doctor much more chances to provide a high-level care and filling in the tooth canals. Instead of blind palping it with an instrument the specialist follows a clear and elaborated international system of canal treatment. Now the doctor can examine the root canal in the whole, from its beginning to an end, see even the tiniest cracks and find additional canals.

To clean the root canals, we use a wide range of antiseptics ready to destroy any pathogen. These medicines are sodium hypochlorite, chlorhexidine, citric acid, alcohol, ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid. Sometimes we use calcium chloride as a medication for the root canal system before we apply calcium hydroxide powder and distilled water.

Providing the canal filling we follow the most modern protocol of treatment. Firstly, we use the method of lateral condensation of gutta percha, fixing the gutta percha pins at the top of the canal. Then gutta percha is warmed and condensed in the canal creating dense and germ-proof root canal obturation.

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