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Aesthetics and accuracy

Modern medicine aims to achieve maximal accuracy in all investigations and procedures. We measure new drugs in thousandths of a gram, learn the molecular composition of materials and meter the thickness of surgical instruments in hundredth of a micron. Now it's not only theoretically possible to perform operations on separate cells — there is a successful practice.

Dentistry as any other branch of medicine demands extreme accuracy and attention. That's why a microscope with up to 40 times magnification is a must.

At we have a neurosurgical microscope Wild Heerbrugg 650 made by a world-famous Leica. We use it at all stages of treatment: tooth root canals curing, preparation for dental prosthetics with ceramic and zirconia inlays and crows, surgery.

That's how we make our perfect tooth fillings, exact size and form inlays and crowns. For instance, the gap between the ceramic crown and the tooth is 25-40 microns, which is 0,025-0,04 mm! That's impossible to see without a microscope — and impossible to work with such accuracy if you don't use one.

But accuracy is not everything. We have something more abstract, something you can't measure with numbers, something that is still important. It's intuition that makes a professional the real master. That feeling when a person trusts his experience and inspiration. And it's about our dental technician Michele Lacentra, a bright representative of artistic approach to dentistry. His 29 years of experience make Michele able to create both accurate and very individual restorations: veneers, crowns and ceramic inlays.

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