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Caries treatment: Ceramic inlays

Ceramic inlays are the best decision when it comes to the renewal of the tooth tissues ruined by caries. To create such an insert the doctor makes a dental impression and passes it to the dental laboratory. Yes, we have our own laboratory! And our precious Italian dental technician Michele Lacentra. So he does the following:

  • creates a wax model for the future restoration;

  • heats ceramics up to 1000 degrees and by injection molding turns the model into a ceramic one;

  • applies enamel or one more ceramic layer.

Such delicate and professional work! Then the ceramic inlay is fixed to the tooth by composite cement. Using a microscope, the doctor polishes the thin, almost invisible line of contact between the tooth and the insert. And the work is done! The ceramic inserts are extremely reliable. They serve you up to 20 years if you take care of your teeth and mouth. So please do it!)

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