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Dental Cleaning is a SPA

...among our procedures. It is painless, it is calm, it is relaxed and it is accompanied by our carefully picked music. And it is followed by the most important point — the result. Which is so impressive you can't really stop smiling to yourself and to the world! So be ready to walk down the street touching your shiny, smooth teeth with your tongue and smiling and smiling and smiling. And do you know that the smile is a magnet for even more happy moments in your life?

Our Teeth Cleaning option has three steps and a bonus.

  1. Firstly, we make the ultrasonic scaling. For this we use Swiss Ems — the smoothest nozzle of all the smooth nozzles.

  2. Then we polish the enamel using the «Air-Flow» technology, which returns your teeth their natural shine. We take our precious Japanese super-delicate Flash Pearl powder. It's so smooth that it doesn't irritate even the most sensitive gums — and so cool that we need to dedicate a separate text to it!

  3. Lastly comes the most hidden part of the mouth — the subgingival teeth surfaces. They definitely need our Japanese glycine powder that delicately treats your gums and is easily dissolved in the gingival fluid.

Then get a 15 minute remineralizing gel application as a bonus!

We advise you to follow our promotions and loyalty programs so you can save up to 50 % on this crucial dental procedure.Proper care, prophylaxis and early detection of problems are three magical steps to the successful treatment, painless both psychologically and financially).

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