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E-max ceramics

The main way to create a ceramic restoration is using leucite ceramics IPS E.max by Ivoclar Vivadent.

People have used porcelain ceramics in orthopedic dentistry for already 200 years. But the new material able to save or restore the natural beauty of teeth has been discovered only now. This new material has unique aesthetic qualities, so your teeth look natural and attractive. Besides, it's extremely strong, reliable and stable.

E.max ceramics can boast extraordinary flexural and compressive strength up to 400 MPa. It allows to create veneers and crowns that are as little as 0,2 mm thick: the best way to save as much natural tissue as we can!

E.max is also the most tested and trusted material. There have already been more than 300 millions of restorations installed: crowns, ceramic inserts and implants.

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