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Digital Dental Impressions

Computers and programs are becoming a more and more important part of modern dentistry. Today a good doctor should boast not only professional skills and a kind heart, but also deep knowledge of technologies. The good news are the machines make life easy for both dentists and their patients.

An example of that process is dental impressions. We need this technology to create exact dental restorations in the laboratory. So we can make crowns, veneers and ceramic inlays to restore the tooth and to make it beautiful and strong again.

The traditional way to get the impressions is the mechanical method. One needs to use a special mass and then to create a plaster model in the laboratory. But now the intraoral scanners are gaining popularity for this purpose. They get the picture of the damaged tooth as a file — and this file is our digital dental impression.

Getting the digital dental impressions has some vast advantages.

  • It's more comfortable for the patient, as the scanner feels much better, than the classic sticky mass on a metal impression spoon.

  • We can get more accurate results so the restoration will also have better quality.

  • The process of getting the digital dental impressions saves time and energy for the doctor.

  • No more plaster models! And the communication between the patient, the doctor and the dental technician becomes easier.

One more important point is that digital dental impressions make it so easy to design your perfect kind smiles) And that is what we in work for — to see more healthy and beautiful smiles around us!

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